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Turquoise Rings

Silver Turquoise Rings

Turquoise Ring - Silver Gemstone Rings

Given as a gift, turquoise is believed to bestow wealth and happiness upon its receiver. It's also good for your health, guarding against disease and aiding tissue regeneration.

For more fascinating legend and facts about turquoise, read About Gemstones.

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Turquoise rings have been worn by both men and women since the days of the ancient civilisations.

Our turquoise rings are available in different sizes from M to S

A turquoise ring is a great December birthday gift - turquoise is the December birthstone.

Turquoise Ring GauguinChunky turquoise ring set into sterling silver
Turquoise Ring MiroStatement turquoise ring set into sterling silver
Turquoise Ring PicassoRectangular turquoise ring set into plain sterling silver