Turquoise Pendant Jo

(Code: JP427T)
  1. #Description#

    Very large turquoise pendant.

    This is a beautiful substantial piece of natural turquoise set into a beautiful plain sterling silver frame.

    The turquoise colour is an intense and rich emerald green.

    The stone is finely and evenly veined. The veining is a rust colour.

    This turquoise stone is "free size" which means it is asymmetrical and unique.

    Each of our turquoise pendants has a natural stone.

    Turquoise is the December Birthstone
  2. #Details#
    Turquoise pendant size (incl. bail) 8.6 x 4.0cms
    Turquoise gemstone 6.9 x 3.9cms
    Average weight 44.5g
    Turquoise stone origin Tibet
    Turquoise is the birthstone for December

  3. #Featured Chain#
    For the ideal sterling silver chain to wear with this natural turquoise silver pendant see our collection of Italian sterling silver chains. 

    The featured chain is our 3mm herringbone chain with draddles 
    (see below).