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Tourmaline Pendants in Sterling Silver

Tourmaline Pendants in Shades of Pink and Green

Tourmaline Pendants -

Tourmaline occurs in every colour of the rainbow and also in combinations of two or three colours

There is a tourmaline that looks like almost any other gemstone and tourmalines have been substituted for precious stones in royal and ceremonial jewellery.

Tourmaline is the October Birthstone.

Below you'll find faceted tourmaline pendants and uncut (cabochon) tourmaline pendants set in sterling silver.

See also our tourmaline earrings and tourmaline bracelets.

Pink Tourmaline Pendant ClemmiePink tourmaline pendant claw set in sterling silver
Tourmaline Pendant ImogenDark green tourmaline pendant in sterling silver

20 carats

Olive Green Tourmaline Pendant Sarah in Sterling SilverOlive green tourmaline pendant set in sterling silver

22 carats

Olive Tourmaline Pendant Lucinda in Sterling SilverLarge tourmaline pendant in sterling silver

27 carats