Tiger's Eye Earrings Ileana

(Code: JE8451tig)
  1. #Description#

    Tiger's eye earrings.

    These delightful tiger's eye droplet earrings are set into sterling silver

    Each earring has 2 oval tiger's eye stones each set into a solid silver cup.

    Tiger's eye is a colourful semi-precious gemstone and as the name suggest emulates the eye of the tiger.

    It is glassy in texture and displays the magnificent amber, gold and brown colours you see in the tiger's eye.

    As these earrings move, the colours in the stones move. 

    They fit in your ear with a shepherd's hook fastener.

    Perfect for wearing with rich Autumnal shades.

    See also our tiger's eye pendants.

  2. #Details#
    Earrings length 4.6cms
    Weight 6.2g