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The Stones of Summer

Your Guide to July’s Gems

Summer is the perfect time to add to your gemstone jewellery collection, and whether you are collecting your unique pieces as jewellery gifts or browsing the market for yourself, the month of July offers a number of gemstone wonders to choose from. Ruby, carnelian and onyx are all gemstones synonymous with July, but what do you need to know about this summer trio?

As a specialist in sterling silver jewellery and gemstone jewellery, Booth & Booth hand picks the stones that you should be wearing from season to season. Here we thought we’d take a closer look at the three birthstones that are leaving individuals celebrating their birthday in July spoilt for choice.


Known for its pink to blood red colouring, the ruby is an exceptional stone that because of its beauty is a perfect jewellery gift for Valentine’s Day as well as for those born in July. Rubies are particularly hardwearing and with a Moh’s scale grading of 9 are second to diamonds when it comes to hardness. In regards to cut, rubies are pretty versatile thanks to their hard and durable nature, however, the oval and cushion cut stones are very popular.

As well as being the traditional birthstone for July and a favourite for Valentine’s, the ruby is also used to celebrate 40th wedding anniversaries. When choosing a ruby for your loved one this summer, it is important to note that only red stones are classed as rubies, Burmese rubies being the most vivid, whilst other colours are officially called sapphires.


Another gemstone known for its rich and summer inspired colouring, the carnelian’s brownish-red tone may not sound the most appealing but it sits at the heart of many beautiful gemstone jewellery pieces. A part of the chalcedony family, carnelian was treasured in the ancient world and as a result was used to adorn signet rings and seals thanks to its vibrant yet translucent colouring.

As well as being a birthstone for July, carnelian was also renowned for its healing properties, and was thought to inspire motivation, endurance, leadership and courage.


Also a part of the chalcedony group of gemstones, onyx may not be a stone that you automatically associate with summer yet it is known as the alternative birthstone for July. Known for its luxurious black colouring, onyx also has a fine texture that makes it perfect for many jewellery pieces, including silver bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. Natural black onyx is extremely rare, with the majority of stones on the market heat treated to achieve the intense black colour. This stone is also available as red onyx and green onyx.

All these wonderful red gemstones look gorgeous set in sterling silver. Explore our collection of sterling silver chains and sterling silver bracelets to mix in with your red jewellery.

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