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The Source of Amethyst Jewellery

The Source of Amethyst Jewellery

Where does the February Birthstone, Amethyst, come from?

Amethyst is one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones.

Worn as jewellery for centuries, used in lapidary work and made into drinking vessels by the ancient Greeks to protect the drinker from drunkenness. It's quite a gem!
But where does our fabulous amethyst come from?
Brazil has been the traditional primary source but in the last decades Africa has been a rich source. Amethyst is also mined in the Urals of Russia, India, Sri Lanka and Uruguay.
Generally, Brazilian amethyst is prized for the lighter lavender shades whilst Africa is known for the deep purple.
When heated amethyst changes colour and becomes golden. This is often sold as citrine. Ametrine is the name for crystal which is purple at one end and gold at the other. Your amethyst jewellery should be protected from intense heat.

Read our information about looking after your amethyst jewellery.

The colour of amethyst varies from pale pink through all shades of purple to grey. It can be transparent and brilliant when cut like the stones in our amethyst cuff bracelet Giselle or dense, cloudy and uneven in colour. like the amethyst in our ring Monet.
Sometimes amethyst stones are dichroic and display both purple and grey.
Do you have a friend or family member with a February birthday?
Treat her to a piece of amethyst jewellery!

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