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The Birthstone for May

Introducing Emerald

The emerald is a beautiful addition to any gemstone jewellery collection and for those lucky enough to be born in May, this stone can also be a gem of a gift! Here we provide an essential guide to emerald gemstones, so you can discover more about this stunning stone and make your upcoming purchase with confidence.

About emerald

Representing loyalty, faithfulness and friendship, emerald jewellery makes the perfect gift for all individuals, whether your birthday is in May or not. Whilst it is a great gift to be given all year round, giving a gift of emerald brings extra luck to the recipient if received during spring. Emeralds have been considered lucky for centuries, and the stone was particularly popular in India and Egypt. Emerald jewellery was also favoured by the Romans, and Cleopatra even wore a number of beautiful emerald pieces.

Like all gemstones, emerald is thought to have its own special powers, and is said to boost memory and mental ability.

Buying your jewellery gift

With an eye-catching deep green shade, emerald jewellery is a particularly popular gift, meaning those celebrating their birthday in May are very lucky! Emerald is also a popular stone choice for engagement rings and the fact that it is more affordable than diamond jewellery ensures you and your partner have plenty in the pot to go ahead with your big day.

Finding a natural emerald stone however is difficult and there are many synthetically produced alternatives on the market. Synthetic emeralds however tend to have a much glassier looking colour than natural stones, whilst it may not have any imperfections at all. Natural emeralds on the other hand are cloudier and more colourful. When choosing between a synthetic and natural emerald, consider that Ďrealí emeralds tend to have more character, a trait that makes this gemstone jewellery unique to the wearer.

Selecting an emerald

Considering the clarity, size, colour, shape and source is vital when selecting an emerald jewellery gift. Emeralds tend to be graded by eye, unlike diamonds, which makes spotting cracks and inclusions that arenít visible to the naked eye difficult. When considering its clarity, donít be deterred by cloudy stones, this is common in natural emeralds.

The cut can also be a sticking point for many buyers. However, emeralds tend to be cut in the classic emerald shape but other square and oval cuts are accessible.

Here at Booth & Booth, we provide a number of beautiful gemstones for those looking for jewellery gifts or individuals wishing to add to their own collections. Buy online today and discover sterling silver jewellery with true character and class.

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