Swiss Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet Hannah

(Code: JB2BT)
  1. #Description#

    Chunky swiss blue topaz cuff in sterling silver.

    If you're looking to spoil someone, this is the piece of jewellery to do it.

    This is a superb chunky silver cuff with a large 36 carat oval swiss blue topaz gemstone.
    This flawless blue topaz gemstone is checker cut.

    Flanking this centrepiece are two square emerald cut swiss blue topaz gems.

    These blue topaz gemstones are top quality and flawless. They have excellent, vivid, even colour and the facets shimmer brilliantly in the light.

    Cushion checker cut stones have a checkerboard effect of facets on the surface of the stone. This creates multi surfaces for the light to reflect off the gemstone.

    The cuff opening is behind one of the square gemstones and doesn't impede the smooth lines of the chunky design. 

    This statement silver cuff fits closely to the wrist and is oval in shape.

    This blue topaz cuff makes the perfect gift for your 4th wedding anniversary.

    Blue topaz is the November Birthstone
  2. #Details#
    Oval swiss blue topaz gemstone, checker cut, 2.4 x 1.7cms
    36 carats

    Square swiss blue topaz gemstones, emerald cut, 6 x 6mms
    Bracelet width 1.4cms at the back to 2.7cms at the front
    Bracelet inner circumference 17cms
    Weight 75.3g 

    Blue topaz gemstones origin - Brazil