Sterling Silver Torcion Chain, Width 5.2mm

(Code: 5.2mm torcion 18")
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  1. #Description#

    Sterling silver torcion chain with oxidised finish.

    Not many people have come across a torcion chain so we'd like to introduce you!

    The torcion chain is a tightly woven design. It is made up of solid strands of silver neatly plaited together into a round chain. In appearance it's similar to a rope chain or cable necklace but a torcion chain is rounder and curvier.
    A torcion chain is solid and sturdy and feels substantial in your hand.

    This particular torcion chain is 5.2mm in diameter and has an oxidised finish which gives it an antique appearance.
    It curves but will not crease. It forms a U not a V when worn.

    It's a gorgeous chunky silver necklace but can also be an ideal silver pendant chain for a large pendant.

    See also our 4mm torcion chain.
  2. #Details#

    Sterling silver torcion chain lengths and weights

    18"     51.9g
    20"     57.7g
    22"     63.4g
    24"     69.2g

    Made in Italy