Sterling Silver Torcion Chain, Width 4mm

(Code: 4mm torcion 16")
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  1. #Description#

    Sterling silver torcion chain.

    Not many people have come across a torcion chain and we'd like to put this right!

    The torcion chain is a tightly woven design. It is made up of solid strands of silver neatly plaited together into a round chain. In appearance it's similar to a rope chain or cable design but a torcion chain is rounder and curvier.
    A torcion chain is solid and sturdy and feels substantial in your hand.

    This particular torcion chain is 4mm in diameter and has a vibrant bright appearance.
    It curves but does not crease and forms a U not a V when worn.

    It's a gorgeous silver necklace but can also be an ideal silver pendant chain.

    See also the 5.2mm torcion chain with an oxidised finish to give an antique appearance.
  2. #Details#

    Sterling silver torcion chain lengths and weights

    16"     34.5g
    18"    38.5g
    20"    42.8g
    22"    47.1g
    24"    51.4g

    Made in Italy