Sterling Silver Snake Chain - 5mm

(Code: 5mm_Snake_Chain_16")
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  1. #Description#

    Italian sterling silver snake chain, width 5mm.

    Popular with both women and men, this is the Rolls Royce of snake chains made by one of Italy's finest chain makers.

    A substantial sterling silver chain, this is often worn alone as a sleek silver snake necklace or as a pendant chain with a large pendant. 

    This snake chain behaves in a wonderfully liquid fashion and as it is densely woven, will curve rather than crease. If worn with a pendant, it allows the pendant to glide smoothly along its length.
    It fastens with a sturdy lobster claw fastener.

    This silver snake chain represents excellent value for money for a thick snake chain - see weights per length when comparing value.
    See the matching silver snake bracelet for a perfect coordinate.

    This silver snake chain is also available in 2mm and 3mm widths.

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  2. #Weights  Per Length#

    Weights per silver snake chain length

    16"   28.5g
    18"   31.3g
    20"   36.7g
    22"   40.4g
    24"   44.0g

    Sterling silver

    Made in Italy