Sterling Silver Popcorn Necklace - Width 5mm

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  1. #Description#

    Sterling silver popcorn necklace, width 5mm.

    This sophisticated sterling silver popcorn necklace has nickel free rhodium plating. This plating slows down the tarnishing process and gives a gorgeous pale silver grey colour to the sterling silver.

    The necklace is finished with chunky silver ends which are plain and shiny.

    The necklace is wonderfully fluid and with a gorgeous sparkle from the fine texture of the popcorn design.
    If you like the fluidity of a snake chain, you will like the way this popcorn necklace moves.

    It fastens with a sleek ring and toggle clasp which can be worn at the front as a style feature or around the back of the neck.

    This stylish silver necklace is made in Italy.

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  2. #Details#

    Popcorn necklace, width 5mm

    Weight per length of popcorn necklace

    17"   22.3g     (fits like a 16" length)
    19"   23.8g     (fits like an 18" length)

    Made in Italy