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Sterling Silver Mesh Bracelets

Silver Mesh Bracelets At Boothandbooth

Silver Mesh Bracelets - Booth and Booth

A silver twisted mesh bracelet is a unique knitted construction and looks fabulous in its different forms.

We have 4 different types, each with matching silver mesh necklaces, each beautiful in their own right.

For more information about silver mesh bracelets, read About Mesh Chains

Our crystal mesh bracelet and bangle has Swarovski type crystals knitted into the design so they have a permanent sparkle and glitter with the colours of the rainbow.

7mm Sterling Silver Twisted Mesh Rope BraceletItalian twisted mesh rope bracelet in sterling silver, width 7mm

Length 7"

(-22.22%)  17.50
Sterling Silver Twisted Mesh Bracelet - Width 4mmItalian sterling silver twisted mesh bracelet, width 4mms

Length 7" 
(-46.19%)  34.95
Italian 8mm Crystal Mesh BangleItalian 8mm crystal mesh bangle in nickel free rhodium plated silver

Italian 8mm Crystal Mesh BraceletItalian 8mm crystal mesh bracelet in nickel free rhodium plated silver

Length 7"

Sterling Silver Ball Bracelet Italian sterling silver ball bracelet with twisted mesh.

Length 7"