Sterling Silver Chunky Links Necklace, Width 15mm

(Code: 15mm Links Neck 16")
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  1. #Description#

    Sterling silver chunky links necklace.

    This gorgeous chunky silver necklace started life as our Yolande silver earrings!
    They are so popular, we wanted a silver chain to match and this is it.

    The silver necklace is created using round links which are intertwined to create a knotted effect.
    It looks fabulous on.

    The links move freely so the necklace moves as you do. It's not rigid or stiff.
    It fastens with a substantial and stylish marine clasp.

    Please be aware that the rings making up this necklace are concave not solid. Chains of this size and complexity cannot be made using solid links.

    We couldn't resist a matching silver bracelet so you can make up a set!

    Enjoy free delivery on this silver chain necklace.

  2. #Details#

    We offer this silver necklace in 3 lengths.

    Weights per length

    16"    43.8g
    18"    49.6g
    20"    56.0g

    Made in Italy
    Sterling silver