Sterling Silver Snake Chain - 2mm

(Code: 2mmSNCH16)
Length :
  1. #Description#

    Italian sterling silver round snake chain, width 2mm.

    A real, round snake chain made in Italy.

    This silver chain represents unbeatable quality and an unbeatable price for a premium sterling silver snake chain.

    As it behaves in a wonderfully liquid fashion and is densely woven, this silver chain will curve rather than crease.

    It fastens with a lobster claw fastener.

    Everyone should have a silver snake chain in their collection. They are sleek and elegant and when used as a pendant chain do not compete with the pendant you are wearing. 

    Available in 1.1mm3mm and 5mm  widths (see below)

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  2. #Weights#

    Weights per length of silver snake chain

    14" 5.5g

    16" 6.7g

    18" 7.5g

    20" 8.2g

    24" 9.9g

    27" 11.0g

    30" 11.9g

  3. #Feedback#

    This is an unsolicited email from one of our customers -

    I have received my beautiful chains. Thank you so much.

    My eldest daughter was wearing a gorgeous chain the other week and as soon as I saw it I knew it was one of your chains. I said to her how nice her pendant looked and the chain was a perfect length and thickness. It's was a 2mm 30inch snake chain. My daughter said to me: 'I don't know where I got this chain from but if I could buy 1000 of them I would, they are so perfect and look they do this'. She then showed me the way your chains are so well made and fluid that they curl and bend without being solid and immovable. My daughter told me that only the best snake chains do that.

    So I knew I had to get a couple more of your fabulous chains!

    Our silver snake chains are -

    • Sterling silver.
    • Made in Italy.
    • Round in profile.
    • Excellent pendant chains
    • Fluid and will create attractive knots to make a unique silver necklace.