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Smokey Quartz Pendants in Sterling Silver

Wear A Sultry Smokey Quartz Pendant Anywhere, Any Time

Smokey Quartz Pendant -

Smokey quartz is available in a wide variety of cuts, shapes and sizes. Our collection below shows some of its wonderful variety.

Often when you hold a smoky quartz pendant to the light, it has amber glints in the stone which add to its richness.

All our smokey quartz pendants feature natural gemstones.

Be it bold or dainty, choose from our Italian sterling silver chains for a special chain to hang your smoky quartz silver pendant.

Smoky Quartz Pendant AshleyLarge checker cut smoky quartz pendant
Smokey Quartz Pendant EveSmokey quartz pear drop pendant claw set in sterling silver.
Smokey Quartz Pendant FloraSmokey quartz pendant set in sterling silver
Smokey Quartz Pendant MadySmokey quartz pendant set in sterling silver