Belcher Chains

silver belcher necklace
Belcher chains are classic link chains.

Usually the links are round and even in shape and size but occasionally you'll see one with oval or graduated links.
Often used for bracelets, the open link design lends itself to the addition of charms.
The belcher chain style is popular as a pendant chain and also as a silver link chain necklace. It is a very open, fluid chain and forms a V when used to hang a pendant.
Are belcher chains just for men?
Belcher chains are popular for both men and women and are widely available in different widths. 
Our own collection of silver belcher chains includes 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 4mm and 6.5mm widths.
When men wore pocket watches with their waistcoats, it was usually a heavyweight belcher chain that attached the watch to the pocket.
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mens silver belcher chain