Ball Chains

Silver Ball Chains

Is a ball chain the same as a bead chain?

Yes, these are 2 terms that apply to the same type of chain.

Ball chains have spherical or oval balls instead of links.

In a classic ball chain there is usually a connecter - a small silver bar - between each ball which sometimes travels into the centre of the ball. This style of ball chain is available in a variety of different 
gauges from the fine 1.2mm to the chunky 12mm silver ball necklace. Each has its own character and its own purpose. They can be worn alone as a silver strand of beads or with a pendant to create your own individual necklace. Mix together and layer for a more dramatic look.

There are many different variations of ball chains.

Our graduated ball chain necklace behaves like a string of pearls and gives a modern edge to a wonderful classic. An excellent choice for all and every occasion!

Diamond cutting applied to the balls gives them a whole new look. The cutting adds edges to the balls which catch the light and add considerable sparkle to the necklace. Our collection of ball chains includes a snake chain with diamond cut balls which is elegant and very sparkly. We also have an alternated plain and cut balls necklace. The plain silver balls are coated with ruthenium plating which is matt black and this contrasts with the sparkle of the diamond cut balls to create a very sophisticated necklace.

Wrapped ball chains are different again. These are ball chains wrapped together to create a very fluid chain which has a wonderful texture. These chains are known as popcorn chains. Our popcorn chains and popcorn bracelets are very striking and deserve a look!

Most of our ball chains have matching silver ball bracelets.

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