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Red Onyx Earrings

Add a splash of colour with some red onyx earrings!

Red onyx varies in colour from a bright orangey red to deep paprika red. Its colour is always warm and a perfect shade to blend in with autumn colours.

See our red onyx bracelets and red onyx rings for a matching set.

Faceted Red Onyx Stud Earrings CarlyFaceted red onyx stud earrings set in sterling silver
Red Onyx Droplet Earrings TeresaRed onyx droplet earrings set in sterling silver
Red Onyx Earrings EvieFaceted red onyx droplet earrings
Red Onyx Earrings JuliaRed onyx and sterling silver hoop earrings 
Red Onyx Stud Earrings NadineOval red onyx and sterling silver stud earrings
Red Onyx Waterfall Earrings FayFaceted waterfall earrings in red onyx and sterling silver