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Rainbow Moonstone Bracelets

Sterling Silver Moonstone Bracelets.

Moonstone Bracelets - Booth and Booth

Rainbow moonstone is considered sacred in India and for many people has mystical properties. It's schiller is a glowing blue light that travels through the stone.

The stone surface is whitish and often cloudy, sometimes clear. Inside the moonstone, sometimes shafts of rainbows come and go.

See About Gemstones for more information.

A moonstone bracelet is many bracelets in one! 

Moonstone is the June birthstone.

Explore our entire collection of moonstone jewellery.

We concentrate on rainbow moonstone but there are different types of moonstone in opaque single colours.

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Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Silver Bracelet FlorenceStatement moonstone bracelet with 6 large moonstones set in sterling silver
Sterling Silver Moonstone Bangle TatianaSterling silver moonstone bangle.
Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet KirstenChunky moonstone silver bracelet
Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet JoleneChecker cut rainbow moonstone bracelet set in sterling silver
(-15.60%)  135.00
Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst Bracelet SaffronChunky rainbow moonstone and amethyst bracelet in sterling silver
Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet LolaRainbow moonstone bracelet set in sterling silver.