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Rainbow Moonstone Necklaces

Sterling Silver Moonstone Necklaces

Moonstone Necklace - Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

A rainbow moonstone necklace has many moods depending on the light - cloudy white in some lights, blue and gleaming with rainbow colours in others.

A moonstone necklace is considered a sacred piece of jewellery in some cultures - read more in About Gemstones.

Moonstone is the June birthstone - a moonstone silver necklace makes a perfect personal gift. 

If a single moonstone necklace is more your style, see our moonstone pendants and silver chains.

Enjoy free delivery anywhere in the UK on your  silver moonstone necklace.

Rainbow Moonstone Necklace ClariceChunky moonstone necklace in sterling silver with amethysts
Rainbow Moonstone Necklace HelenaRainbow moonstone necklace in sterling silver
Rainbow Moonstone Necklace JacquelineRainbow moonstone necklace in sterling silver
(-37.55%)  24.95
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant Necklace CorinneSterling silver pendant necklace with a round moonstone droplet
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant Necklace KikiRainbow moonstone pendant necklace with hand made sterling silver chain
Detatchable moonstone pendant