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Peridot Jewellery - August Birthstone Jewellery

Peridot Jewellery

August, the traditional holiday month in Europe, can be a mixed blessing if it's also the month of your birth.

Are you always on holiday for your birthday or do you have memories of being the youngest in the class at school?

If those count as the downside of an August birthday then embrace the upside because peridot is your birthstone.

Not as well known as it should be, peridot is a stunning gemstone and has a history of being used in the ceremonial jewellery of kings and queens. You'll also find peridots decorating Mediaeval churches and adorning the shrine of the 3 magi in Cologne Cathedral.

Peridot jewellery - an affordable birthstone gift.

In spite of its heady history, peridot jewellery is attainable by ordinary mortals. Peridot gemstones are small. The rare large peridots fetch suitably large prices and are not usually used in jewellery.

The wonderful vibrant colour of peridot is also special as it can still be seen at night under lamplight whereas most gemstones lose their colour at night.

 Our peridot jewellery collection includes pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

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