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Peridot Earrings

Sterling Silver Peridot Earrings

Peridot Earrings -

The Romans called peridot "evening emerald," since its green colour did not darken at night but was still visible by lamplight.

Peridot was later often used to decorate mediaeval churches, probably carried back to Europe by the Crusaders.

Peridot is a fabulous zesty lime green colour.

Our peridot earrings all feature natural peridot gemstones.

Our peridot earrings collection includes peridot studs, peridot drops, peridot hoops and peridot statement earrings.  

See our entire collection of peridot jewellery.

Peridot Drop Earrings MadeleinePeridot drops set in sterling silver
Peridot Earrings ZenaPeridot and sterling silver leaf droplet earrings
Peridot Stud Earrings MaylaLarge oval stud earrings claw set in sterling silver
Peridot Earrings ElizaPeridot silver earrings