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New In - Labradorite Pendants

Labradorite Pendants

If you don't know about labradorite then we're about to unveil a world of colour based around blues, turquoise, greens and gold.

These colours are characteristic of the labradorescence which is the name for the shifting colours this wonderful gemstone displays.

A labradorite pendant is a constantly changing piece of jewellery.

As it moves in the light the colours change and gleam out from the stone. Worn on a dark surface this gemstone displays its peacock colours at their best.

Labradorite jewellery is popular amongst the initiated. Once worn, never off!

It suits large pieces with sizeable stones whether in a pendant or a chunky labradorite necklace or labradorite bracelet.

To learn more about labradorite read About Gemstones.

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