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Mother's Day

This year Mother's Day is early.
It's on Sunday 6th March.

We think mums are heroes!
Protective, passionate, problem solving, practical providers...and those are just the Ps.
I'll spare you the alphabet.

This Mother's Day put aside all thoughts of chocs and flowers and think more along the lines of a long lasting tribute to mum.

A piece of silver jewellery will be treasured for life - I know because I still have and wear the earrings my son bought me age 8. Carefully selected by him for mum!

We've put a few ideas together for you.
Our sterling silver chains mostly have bracelets to match and sometimes earrings. So we've put together a few sets to make life easier for you.
There's a set to suit all budgets and all tastes.

Click here to see our Mother's Day treats.

Sterling Silver Chains

Boxed and delivered free in the UK!

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