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Moonstone - The June Birthstone

If your birthday's June, it has to be moonstone!

Moonstone is considered a sacred gemstone in India and is a popular wedding gift symbolising passion.

Moonstone is also a talisman or amulet for travellers as it is thought to impart protection to the wearer.

This semi-precious gemstone is unique in appearance and its similarities to the moon are not accidental. It's all in the name! Moonstone has a whitish surface like the texture of the moon. Beautifully smooth to the touch, moonstone gradually unfolds its mysteries when light falls across and through the stone.

Rainbow moonstone - see our jewellery collection of rainbow moonstone - displays a blue schiller which varies in shade from cobalt to violet. This schiller floats through the stone depending on the light conditions so sometimes strong sometimes fleeting. You'll also find shafts of rainbow colour floating in the stone.

Moonstone is also available in pastel shades of lilac, pink, blue and yellow. These stones are delicately coloured opaque stones with a white surface.

Moonstone jewellery was worn by the ancient civilisations and has retained its popularity into the 21st century.

You can find rainbow moonstone jewellery in uncut form (cabochons) or faceted stones.

Our moonstone earrings start at £15.95
Our moonstone pendants start at £29.95
Our moonstone necklaces start at £34.95
Our moonstone bracelets start at £54.95
Our moonstone rings start at £24.95

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