Mesh Chains

silver calza chain
What is a mesh chain?

Mesh chains are constructed in an entirely different way to regular chains with links. 
Mesh chain is made by a length of shaped silver hooks knitting together around a central spindle. The size and shape of the silver going around the spindle creates the width and design of the mesh chain. It is similar to circular knitting.
Mesh chains behave like soft wire in that they are bendy but firm.The tighter the weave and the narrower the weave the more firm the behaviour of the chain. Mesh chains are often twisted to add firmness and add a different personality to the appearance. They have a different character to most jewellery chains. 
Mesh chains will curve but not crease into a V.

Our collection of mesh chains is unique and includes stunning and quite different designs.
Our twisted mesh chain has a rope like appearance and looks fantastic is it curves around your neck.
Our 3 strand twisted mesh necklace is a study in elegance and our crystal mesh chain necklace is a must have. The silver is enmeshed with tiny crystals so the entire length is alive with crystalline sparkle. 
All have matching mesh bracelets....and there's more....