Link Chains

Silver Link Chains

What are link chains?

The term "link chain" is a general categorisation of any chain made up of individual links joined together.

Link chains are constructed using open links in a regular configuration.

In the narrowest interpretation, link chains have an even, regular link which is repeated throughout the chain length. These links can be round, oval, square or even heart shaped and tend to be light weight. Belcher, box, trace, figaro, curb chains and many more classics are in the category of link chains.

However a wider interpretation allows for a much more exciting collection.

There is no limit to the link chain configurations - just let your imagination soar!

Our own collection contains some simply elegant styles like the double link necklace, some bold and dramatic designs like the rings necklace and graceful beauty such as the lovers' knot necklace - all with matching bracelets.

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