Labradorite Heart Pendant Sissy

(Code: JP32lab)
  1. #Description#

    Large labradorite heart pendant.

    This sensational labradorite heart features a top quality piece of labradorite displaying the characteristic blue labradoresence.
    This is a very large heart.

    This blue light travels through the stone and through the dramatic dark inclusions which waft across the piece like seaweed in a clear lagoon.

    Labradorite, like rainbow moonstone, is an iridescent semi-precious gemstone and much loved for its display of colour.
    Each piece of labradorite is unique and each labradorite pendant is individually photographed.

    This labradorite heart is set in sterling silver.
    It is completed with gorgeous pipe bale hand decorated across the front.

    Wear with other pieces of labradorite jewellery.

    We stock a large collection.
  2. #Details#

    Labradorite pendant 6.5 x 4.7cms
    Labradorite gemstone 5.0 x 4.2cms
    Weight 37.7g
    Sterling silver
  3. #Featured Chain#

    We have chosen our 8mm silver omega chain to show off this fabulous labradorite heart pendant.
    It works as a choker style as it forms a firm curve rather than a V.

    To make your own selection we have a comprehensive collection of sterling silver chains.
    Made in Italy