Labradorite Drop Earrings Adelle

(Code: je9999)
  1. #Description#

    Labradorite tear drop earrings set in sterling silver.

    You don't need an excuse to buy these earrings - they're gorgeous and they'll coordinate with so many outfits.

    Labradorite is an iridescent gemstone and glows with blues, greens, turquoise and gold (labradoresence).
    This iridescent glow happens whenever the stones move in the light.

    For information about labradorite see About Gemstones.

    These labradorite silver earrings are 
    perfect accompaniments to a labradorite pendant and labradorite bracelet.
  2. #Details#
    Earrings length including the ear wire 3.4cms
    Labradorite gemstone 1.4 x 1.0cms
    Weight 5.9g