Labradorite Bracelet Lola

(Code: jb67lab)
  1. #Description#
    Labradorite bracelet in sterling silver.

    These labradorite gemstones fire with the sought after royal blue glow which travels across the stones as the bracelet moves through the light.
    In some light conditions the colours are strong and vibrant and in others more subtle.

    There are 5 large labradorite gemstones making up this semi-precious bracelet. 3 are ovals and 2 are rectangles.
    Each stone is joined to the next with 2 parallel links which keep the stones flat around your wrist and prevent turning.

    This is a beautiful labradorite bracelet.
    Surrounding each labradorite is a sterling silver frame providing a neat stepped edge.

    The bracelet is finished with 4 large rings and a toggle fastener and can be adjusted to fit different sized wrists..
  2. #Details#

    Bracelet length adjustable between 15.0cms and 19.5cms
    Labradorite gemstones 1.2 x 1.7cms
    Labradorite origin Labrador