Labradorite Bangle in Sterling Silver Carmen

(Code: jb6lab)
  1. #Description#

    Labradorite sterling silver bangle.

    This is a stunning labradorite bangle in a large size to fit wider wrists and for those who like to wear a bangle high on their arm

    The labradorites are faceted stones and  gleam with the characteristic colours of the popular semi-precious gemstone - blues, turquoise, greens and golds.
    Around the central oval labradorite are ten pear drops and the wings are each decorated with a further trio of pear drops.

    The bangle is beautifully shaped tapering from the central circle of gems to the ends of the wings.
    The bangle is open to allow for easy fitting and to adjust to different sized wrists.

    The sterling silver is decorated on the inside of the bangle.

    See all our labradorite jewellery for coordinating ideas.

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  2. #Details#
    Central labradorite oval 10 x 7mms
    Large labradorite pears 10 x 7mms
    Small labradorite pears 6 x 4mms

    Labradorite bangle width 2.5cms tapering to 6.5mms
    Bangle length between open ends 17cms
    Weight 30.7g