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Iolite Bracelets

Sterling Silver Iolite Bracelets

Iolite Bracelet - Gemstone Bracelets

Iolite is an indigo colour and works well with blues and purples.

More purple than sapphire, more smoky than tanzanite and more blue than amethyst.

These iolite bracelets and iolite bangles have the deep indigo colour rather than the pale.

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If you're soon to celebrate your 21st wedding anniversary, a piece of iolite jewellery is the gift to buy.

See our iolite pendants for more choices.

Iolite Bangle BrieIolite sterling silver bangle
Iolite Bracelet ClionaIolite silver bracelet 
Iolite Bracelet EleanorIolite bracelet set in sterling silver
Sterling Silver Iolite Cuff GiselleSilver cuff studded with iolites
Iolite and Sterling Silver Bangle CarmenIolite bangle in sterling silver
Iolite Bracelet GeorgiaIolite bracelet set in sterling silver