Iolite Pendant Necklace Nerys

(Code: jn16iol)
  1. #Description#

    Iolite necklace.

    These iolites are stunning - clear, brilliant and evenly coloured.

    Iolite is a gorgeous rich indigo colour and coordinates well with blues, purples and greys.

    This necklace has 25 diamond cut oval iolites in the chain with 6 in the pendant.
    They are all individually claw set in sterling silver.

    The necklace is finished with a sterling silver link chain and is adjustable in length.

    Team up with a pair of iolite earrings.

  2. #Details#
    Iolites 7 x 5mm
    Necklace length 41 - 44.5cms adjustable
    Pendant length 2.5cms
    Weight 15.7g

    Buy her a gift of iolite jewellery for your 21st Wedding Anniversary.