Iolite Bangle Brie

(Code: jb650iol)
  1. #Description#
    Iolite bangle set in sterling silver.

    This sterling silver iolite bangle is a beautiful piece of jewellery.
    The centre of the bangle has an elegant cross over set with 18 diamond cut iolites.
    These gemstones are high quality, evident from their clarity, brilliance, evenness of colour and true colour.

    This iolite bangle has a smooth plain back and opens at the side with a hinge.
    It clasps shut and has two safety catches.

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  2. #Details#


    4 x 5.0mm diameter 
    6 x 4.5mm diameter
    4 x 4.0mm diameter
    4 x 3.5mm diameter

    7.5 carats

    Bangle size 7.5 - 7.75"
    Weight 17.1g