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Haematite Jewellery

Sterling Silver Haematite Jewellery 

Haematite Jewellery - Gemstone Jewellery Booth and Booth

 Our haematite jewellery is set into sterling silver.

Haematite is an unusual semi-precious gemstone in that it's magnetic.

Beautifully smooth and cool to touch, haematite jewellery is a pleasure to wear.

Shop for a haematite pendant or haematite earrings to make up a set.

The colour of our haematite jewellery is a wonderful grey.

Like liquid mercury its smooth surface shines.

Wear your haematite jewellery with dendritic agate jewellery for a sophisticated monotone look.

Haematite Earrings EvitaHaematite earrings set in sterling silver.
Haematite Earrings ElizabethHaematite and black pearl droplet earrings set in sterling silver
Haematite Pendant GabrielleLarge haematite pendant in sterling silver
Haematite Pendant MadyOval checker cut haematite pendant in sterling silver