Green Amethyst Earrings Connie

(Code: JE141ga)
  1. #Description#

    Green amethyst hoop and droplet earrings in sterling silver.

    These earrings have wonderful detail all of which adds up to a brilliant pair of green amethyst earrings.

    The green amethyst stones are briolettes which means they are droplets faceted all the way round the stone.
    The faceting is checker style and each face adds to the excellent sparkle of these flawless gemstones.

    A fleur de lys forms the stud which fits against your ear lobe with the butterfly fastener at the back.
    This fleur de lys is studded with 3 small zircons (fake diamonds) at each point.
    At the base of the fleur de lys and above the hoop are larger zircons.
    These add discreet but noticeable sparkle and shimmer.

    The silver hoops are pear drops and the green amethyst gemstones swing freely inside them.

    Beautiful on their own, they are also a great accompaniment for one of our green amethyst pendants and green amethyst bracelets.

    See also our gorgeous purple amethyst jewellery!

  2. #Details#
    Earring length 4.3cms
    Weight 5.9g 

    Amethyst is the February birthstone