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Green Amethyst Pendants in Sterling Silver

Green Amethyst Pendants

Green Amethyst Pendants - Booth and Booth

Green amethyst is a softly coloured sage green gemstone and the variety of sizes and cuts make it ideal for mounting as a green amethyst pendant.

It's not so readily available as purple amethyst but it's delicate colour lends itself to many complexions and fashion colours.

Our green amethyst pendants are set in sterling silver

Choose from our silver chains collection to create your individual green amethyst pendant necklace.

Booth and Booth sells purple amethyst pendants as well as green amethyst pendants

Green Amethyst Pendant JancisRectangular, emerald-cut green amethyst pendant claw set in sterling silver
Green Amethyst Pendant PetraMarquise-shaped, diamond cut green amethyst pendant claw set in sterling silver