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Garnet Bracelets

Garnet Bracelets & Garnet Bangles set in Sterling Silver

Garnet Bracelets & Garnet Bangles - Sterling Silver -  Booth and Booth

We use rhodolite garnets, which are a warm deep red in colour, in our garnet jewellery

With a garnet bracelet around your wrist, you are dressed and ready for anything!

Garnet jewellery is January birthstone jewellery

If you fancy a set of garnet jewellery, take a look at our collections of garnet earrings, garnet rings, garnet pendants, and garnet necklaces.

Remember - Free shipping on all our garnet bracelets and garnet bangles.

Semi-Precious Bangle EsmeSemi-precious silver bangle

With fire opals, citrines, peridots, apatites, tanzanites, african amethysts and rhodolite garnets

Semi-Precious Bracelet GianellaSemi-precious gemstone bracelet set in sterling silver

Featuring garnets, citrines, peridots, amethysts and blue topaz stones

Garnet Bracelet LisaGarnet silver bracelet 
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with GarnetsLarge sterling silver hammered cuff studded with 15 garnet gemstones