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Garnet Bracelets

Garnet Bracelets & Garnet Bangles set in Sterling Silver

Garnet Bracelets & Garnet Bangles - Sterling Silver -  Booth and Booth

We use rhodolite garnets, which are a warm deep red in colour, in our garnet jewellery

With a garnet bracelet around your wrist, you are dressed and ready for anything!

Garnet jewellery is January birthstone jewellery

If you fancy a set of garnet jewellery, take a look at our collections of garnet earrings, garnet rings, garnet pendants, and garnet necklaces.

Remember - Free shipping on all our garnet bracelets and garnet bangles.

Semi-Precious Bangle EsmeSemi-precious silver bangle
Semi-Precious Bracelet GianellaSemi-precious bracelet set in sterling silver
Garnet Bracelet LisaGarnet silver bracelet 
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with GarnetsLarge sterling silver hammered cuff studded with 15 garnet gemstones