Garnet Bracelet Nicole

(Code: jb9gar)
  1. #Description#

    Silver garnet bracelet.

    Elegantly styled and looking fabulous around the wrist, this beautiful limited edition garnet bracelet features 10 large garnet gemstones set into a stylish sterling silver design.

    These are top quality garnets - brilliant, clear and with an even glowing claret red colour.

    The bracelet closes with a safety clasp.

    See our garnet earrings and garnet pendants for coordinating ideas.

    Garnet is the January Birthstone - explore all our garnet jewellery!

  2. #Details#
    Garnet bracelet length 18.5cms
    Bracelet width 6mms
    Garnet gemstones 8 x 6mms
    Actual weight 18.5g
    Rhodolite garnets
    Garnet is the January birthstone