Garnet Bead Earrings Rachel

(Code: je16gar)
  1. #Description#

    Garnet bead earrings.

    These are hand made garnet tassel earrings, full of charm and fun.

    The garnets are rhodolite garnets.
    The large beads at the top and the pear drop briolettes on the end of each tassel are deep red. The small beads making up each tassel are the colour of pomegranate seeds.

    All the garnet beads are faceted and the tassels glitter in the light.

    Each garnet earring has 7 tassels in a variety of lengths.
    At the top of the earrings is a silver ball and a silver ear wire.

    These are large earrings and truly gorgeous!

    Garnet is the Birthstone for January

    See all our garnet jewellery for more ideas.
  2. #Details#
    Garnet earrings length including the ear wire 8.7cms
    Tassel length 4.2 - 5.2cms

    Average weight 18.9g
    Rhodolite garnets
    Garnet is the January birthstone