Dendritic Agate Silver Bracelet Kirsten

(Code: jb71DA)
  1. #Description#

    Chunky dendritic agate bracelet set into sterling silver.

    This dendritic agate bracelet is stunning.

    It features 6 large cushion gemstones. 
    These are rounded square gemstones and each stone is unique and hand picked.
    Dendritic agate is an elegant mixture of white, grey and black, mostly opaque but sometimes with translucent areas. Often the stones suggest a winter wonderland - a countryside snow scene.

    These particular gemstones 
    each have their own story to tell.
    They are set into deep sterling silver settings.

    The bracelet fastens with a toggle clasp and has 3 rings to adjust to different wrist sizes.

    This is a gorgeous dendritic agate silver bracelet and will never be off your wrist.

    Team up with a other pieces of dendritic agate jewellery.

  2. #Dimensions#

    Dendritic agate bracelet length adjustable between 18.0 - 20.5cms
    Dendritic agate stones 2.0 x 2.0cms
    Weight 38.8g