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Dare to Wear - Big Earrings!

This spring, big earrings are in but are they in YOUR ears?

And what counts as big? Well, there's the thing - it's all relative isn't it?
If you have long hair, or lots of hair framing your face you can get away with larger ear furniture than if you sport a cropped top knot.

And what of face shape and size? An elfin face with fine, delicate features might look overshadowed by powerful earrings so a medium sized pair could look big enough.

Long and slender earrings still count as big and are easier to wear than a bolder style but still as dramatic.

Colour is really important this spring and gemstone earrings are ideal for adding a flash of colour to your look.
Don't be shy, try a pair.

When you turn your head, other heads will turn!


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