Citrine Earrings Fenella

(Code: je10c)
  1. #Description#

    Citrine droplet earrings.

    Simply stunning, these fabulous earrings shimmer with glittering golden citrine gemstones. 
    These are square citrines claw set into sterling silver.
    They are are diamond cut which allows the light to play on the brilliance, clarity and colour of the citrines.
    They sparkle magnificently as the facets catch the light as the earrings move. 

    All our gemstone jewellery features genuine stones.

    The earrings fasten into your ear with a post and butterfly fastener behind the top gemstone.

    These citrines are premium, flawless gemstones and show their quality through the beautiful even colour and brilliance.

  2. #Details#
    Citrine gemstones 8 x 8mms and 9 x 9mms
    Earrings length 3.9cms
    Weight 7.2g
    Citrine is the November birthstone