Chunky Sterling Silver Byzantine Necklace

(Code: 15mm Byz 18")
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  1. #Description#

    Chunky byzantine necklace in sterling silver.

    Add a little drama to your neckline with this superb chunky silver necklace!

    At 15mm wide, this is a substantial byzantine necklace and won't go unnoticed.
    It is round in profile.

    The Byzantine design is a favourite classic with its intricate and involved silver links intertwining into a beautiful style.
    Please be aware that the rings making up this necklace are concave not solid. Chains of this size and complexity cannot be made using solid links.

    The silver is bright and sparkly and the necklace closes with a stylish marine clasp which blends in with the design beautifully.

    Of course, a matching byzantine bracelet is a must! 

    Made in Italy exclusively for Booth and Booth.
  2. #Weights  Per Length#

    Weights per length of byzantine necklace

    18"  59.6g
    20"  66.3g

    Made in Italy

    Please note we don't offer 16" length in this style because of the chunkiness of the style. Some of the length is absorbed by the necklace width which makes the fit a little shorter than finer necklaces.
    For a 16" length fit, you need the 18" length.