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Chrysocolla Pendants in Sterling Silver

A Chrysocolla Pendant - The Peacock of Gemstones

Chrysocolla Pendants - Amethyst Pendants - Booth and Booth  Gemstone Jewellery

Chrysocolla's fabulous mix of kingfisher blue, emerald green, turquoise and lime is gorgeous for summer and a brilliant cheer up in the winter months.

Chrysocolla is a dense stone and quite soft so our stones are polished and have a protective coating. Take care of your chrysocolla pendant and wrap it carefully in a soft cloth when not worn - a rare occurrence as you'll never want to take it off.

Treat yourself to a chrysocolla pendant!

Your chrysocolla pendant will coordinate beautifully with teal, turquoise, navy, jade and bottle green. It'll show up wonderfully on black.

Chrysocolla Pendant IngridLarge chrysocolla pendant in sterling silver 
Chrysocolla Pendant MarniChrysocolla pendant set in sterling silver
Chrysocolla Pendant AnnaLarge chrysocolla pendant set in sterling silver
Chrysocolla Pendant ConstanceChrysocolla pendant set in sterling silver.
Chrysocolla Heart Pendant SissyLarge chrysocolla heart pendant in sterling silver 
Chrysocolla Pendant CarmellePear drop chrysocolla pendant in sterling silver
Chrysocolla Pendant CocoChrysocolla pendant set in sterling silver
Chrysocolla Pendant GabrielleVery large chrysocolla pendant set in sterling silver.
Chrysocolla Pendant MarilenaChrysocolla droplet pendant set in sterling silver
Chrysocolla Pendant ShonaLarge pear drop chrysocolla pendant claw set in sterling silver