Chrysocolla Pendant Gabrielle

(Code: jp31chrys)
  1. #Description#

    Large oval chrysocolla pendant.

    The chrysocolla gemstone in this pendant is stunning.
    If you're new to chrysocolla, you have just discovered one of the most colourful and striking semi-precious gemstones.
    This particular pendant is a great example of chrysocolla showing it off at its best.

    Fabulous banding of vivid blues, greens, turquoise and olive give this pendant a dramatic appearance.
    The bands have intricate detail giving you an insight into the rock formation that created this wonderful semi-precious gemstone.

    Perfectly set in plain sterling silver the gemstone makes a gorgeous statement pendant.

    The silver setting is completely plain, curving around the shape of the stone.
    The pendant is open at the back to reveal the chrysocolla stone.

    Choose a chrysocolla bracelet and some chrysocolla earrings to make a set.

  2. #Details#
    Chrysocolla pendant size including the bale 5.7 x 3.0cms
    Chrysocolla gemstone 4.0 x 2.7cms
    Weight 15.4g

  3. #Featured Chain#
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    The chain we feature is our sterling silver belcher chain, in the 6.5mm width available in lengths 16" to 30".