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Chrysocolla Necklaces

Sterling Silver Chrysocolla Necklaces

Chrysocolla Necklace - Chrysocolla Jewellery

 A chrysocolla necklace is a fabulous mixture of turquoise, emerald green, lime and black and mixes well with turquoise, teal and greens.

To know more about chrysocolla read About Gemstones.

Our chrysocolla necklaces feature natural, top quality gemstones

 Chose a pair of chrysocolla earrings to go with your silver chrysocolla necklace.

Enjoy free delivery anywhere in the UK on your chrysocolla silver necklace.

Chrysocolla Necklace ClariceChrysocolla necklace with peridots set in sterling silver
Chrysocolla Necklace YvesChrysocolla necklace set in sterling silver