Chrysocolla Bracelet Kirsten

(Code: jb71chry)
  1. #Description#

    Chunky chrysocolla bracelet set into sterling silver.

    This chrysocolla bracelet is stunning.

    It features 6 large cushion gemstones. 
    These are square shaped gemstones with rounded corners and each stone is unique and hand picked.
    Chrysocolla is a vibrant mixture of turquoise, kingfisher blues and greens. It is an opaque semi-precious gemstone. 

    These chrysocolla stones are a vivid emerald green with lighter green and rust -  a very rich palette.
    These hand picked stones coordinate beautifully into this chrysocolla silver bracelet.
    They are set into deep sterling silver settings.

    The bracelet fastens with a toggle clasp and has 3 rings to adjust to different wrist sizes.

    Team up with a other pieces of chrysocolla jewellery.

  2. #Dimensions#

    Chrysocolla bracelet length adjustable between 18.0 - 21.0cms
    Chrysocolla stones 2.0 x 2.0cms
    Weight 53.9g