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Carnelian Pendants

Sterling Silver Carnelian Pendants

Carnelian Pendant | Gemstone Pendants

Carnelian is a much loved semi-precious gemstone and for good reason.

It's warm spicy colour, when set in sterling silver is striking.

A carnelian pendant adds a gorgeous splash of colour to any outfit.

All our carnelian pendants are set in sterling silver.

Here are different shapes and sizes of carnelian silver pendants from discreet to very bold!

Choose from our Italian sterling silver chains to create your own unique carnelian necklace.

Shop our carnelian earrings and carnelian bracelets to make a carnelian jewellery set.

Carnelian Pendant CocoLarge carnelian pendant set in sterling silver.
Carnelian Pendant JemimahLarge carnelian pendant with a sterling silver pipe bale
Carnelian Pendant PoppyCarnelian pendant in sterling silver with decorated pipe bale
Carnelian Pendant SissyCarnelian heart pendant with a sterling silver pipe bale
Large Carnelian Pendant GabrielleLarge oval carnelian pendant
Turquoise, Carnelian & Lapis Lazuli Pendant ErinTurquoise, carnelian and lapis lazuli pendant set in sterling silver
Carnelian Pendant AlexCarnelian pendant set in sterling silver.

Carnelian Pendant GeneveiveCarnelian and sterling silver pendant with a pipe bale